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Privacy Policy
As a consequence of registering as a user of the Style Hotels Newsletter, the user accepts that the personal information facilitated or which may be facilitated in the future through the aforementioned service will be processed in a personal information file, for which GRUPO HOTUSA will be responsible.

The information registered there may be used for the providing and administration of HOTUSA services, the processing of reservations, and the charging of products and services through STYLE HOTELS, call centres, mobile communication systems based on GSM, GPRS or UMTS technology; the management of incidents; the carrying out of statistical studies; the distribution of advertisement and other commercial promotions by GRUPO HOTUSA e-mail, SMS, MMS or other means ; the holding of contests with prizes, and subscription to newsletters of the aforementioned company.

The owner of the information will have the right to access the automated files at any time, being able to exercise the right to rectify, cancel, and oppose in the terms set out in the legislation regarding the protection of information. For this purpose, the owner of the information must send an e-mail from the e-mail address used to register for the service to the address , in order to rectify, cancel, or oppose the information contained in the GRUPO HOTUSA file, Indicating the action that is being requested. If the user does not have access to this e-mail address, then the latter must send a signed, registered letter indicating the action requested, along with a photocopy of his or her national identity card to: a) C/ Mallorca, nº 351, 08013 Barcelona.

The providing of all of the information required for register as a user is obligatory unless specified otherwise on the registration form, and GRUPO HOTUSA may deny registration to any interested party that does not facilitate this information. The user is also informed that for the hiring of the products and services offered, GRUPO HOTUSA must pass along the user’s personal information to the providers of the products and services chosen by the user, and these providers will be obligated to use their information solely and exclusively to fulfil the purposes of the contract.

Also, for the purposes of the terms of article 34.e) of Organic Law 15/1999 dated the 13th of December regarding the protection of personal information, the User gives consent for GRUPO HOTUSA to transfer their information to the parties indicated above, under the terms and conditions indicated above, in any country in the world, even those who do not offer a level of protection comparable to that of the LOPD. The user’s consent to the handling and transfer of personal information may be revoked at any time, the user needing only to communicate this to the file manager in the manner mentioned above. Finally, the User is informed that his or her information will be treated confidentially and stored with servers who meet the requirements established in Spanish legislation regarding the protection of information.

Style Hotels has one of the safest technologies with respect to the protection of credit card information. It also meets all international regulations regarding this issue.

All of the Style Hotels sections where we request sensitive information use the SSL communication protocol. This means that the information travelling through Internet from your computer to our server does so in encoded form, making it indecipherable to any outside party.

This technology assures and guarantees that your information cannot be intercepted, manipulated, or supplanted in any way. In this way, payment by Internet today is as sure as direct payment.

What does SSL mean?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard Internet security technology. It applies an encoding system that provides the utmost confidentiality to the information that you transmit to us. This prevents the illicit entry into or interception of a system while the information circulates through Internet. For greater security, this information is stored in a secure server protected by a firewall that is under constant surveillance.

For greater security, Style Hotels has the secure server identifier.