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Claridge Madrid Hotel
Plaza del Conde de Casal, 6 Madrid Spain

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musts & facts
Integrated in the Retiro landscape district and chairing the Plaza del Conde de Casal, that's where you will find the boutique Hotel Claridge. With a unique decorative idea, it has the American and the United Kingdom flag. This creates a delicate, sophisticated and personalized atmosphere, embellished by a photography colelction by Gerard Franquesa.
Spacious and functional rooms with twin beds. With very bright and spectacular views.
Indoor and outdoor rooms with a double bed 2 x 1.50.
It is composed of a triple and a double room with two beds. They can be independent or connected.
Services and Facilities
Claridge offers you a client fitness center free of charge. Facilities in a 1500 m2 area with more than 200 stalls and activities for training like indoor cycling, pilates, GAP, toning, Styles and Body Fitness.Come and meet the best professionals; passionate about every detail and commited to make our guests feel at home.
Coffee-Restaurante Claridge
We offer you an extensive menu with breakfast, snacks, tapas and you can taste a variety of dishes of Spanish market food during lunch or dinner.
Meetings & Events
Five comfortable, furnished and fully equippied rooms with natural light and fully-equipped with: Wireless Wi-Fi,projector, display, integrated Audio / Press, microphones, phone, adjustable lighting, hostesses, video-conference, coffee breaks, lunch, as well as Business cente.
Plaza del Conde de Casal, 6
28007 - Madrid - Spain