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Les Plumes Hotel
10 Rue Lamartine Paris France

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musts & facts
A real modern-day guest house in which the past and future, rather than clashing, blend together to offer each visitor the best of today. Les Plumes Hotel Paris invites you on a fascinating journey through time, imbued with the romantic charm of 19th century Paris. A hotel where you'll find what attracts dreamers to poetry and what attracts the down-to-earth to intransigence.
George et Alfred
Rooms where design plays on the comparison of male and female.
Paul et Arthur
The tumultuous relationship between Verlaine and Rimbaud is staged in the rooms
No literary reference in these rooms, but a real forest hideaway made of planks, trunks, ropes and slabs awaits lovers in search of a snug escapade.
Grenier et secrets
These rooms, charmingly nested within the rooftops of Les Plumes Hotel Paris, become a home for anonymous romantics.
Services and Facilities
The hotel has concierge service, airport shuttle, an honesty bar and lounge to enjoy a drink, chat or relax in a cosy setting. A furnished patio to soak up the sun during the fine weather.
10 Rue Lamartine
75009 - Paris - France