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Dare to do everything you always wanted to do. Style hotels offer you a whole range of activities to do and enjoy your destination in the most natural way. Beach, mountain, river, grass or sand. Only you can choose where and how you want to live your adventures.

The adrenaline rush you're looking for is now at your fingertips. Are you going to miss it out?

Salvador Camacho, 9 Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza
With its exclusive design and select ambiance, Aguas de Ibiza is a lovely retreat from the island itself. Tranquility awaits in Air Ibiza, a chill-out space with sea views; Ibizan cuisine can be sampled at its restaurant and the night comes to life at the Scuba.
from 204 € /Night()
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Plaça la Volateria, 3 El Prat de LLobregat (Barcelona)
A perfect combination of comfort and functionality, the Barcelona Airport is the nearest hotel to the city airport. It boasts three exceptional restaurants of international cuisine.
from 204 € /Night()
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gourmet wellness
Avenida Zurita, s/n Marbella
A world of distinction and calm framed in a charming contemporary design, with the finest materials culminating the harmony created. Glamour lovers, the Nikki Beach: enjoy the beach in style.
from 204 € /Night()
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wellness golf sport
Avda de la Envía 37, Urbanización La Envía Golf La Envía (Almería)
Set in the heart of the splendid La Envía golf course, it must be enchanced it's 5,000 sqm wellness center with fitness area, spa and esthetic center.
from 204 € /Night()
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unique gourmet
2216 Park Ave, Miami Beach, FL Miami Beach
Luxury, art, culture, business, beach and tanning meet at the same spot, the Eurostars Vintro Hotel.
from 204 € /Night()
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Natural Environment-gourmet-wellness
Av del Montseny s/n Seva-Barcelona
Hotel located in the heart of the Montseny Nature Reserve, less than an hour from Barcelona, an hour from Girona and 15 minutes from Vic, between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. A spot to get away from everything and forget about the day-to day routine.
from 204 € /Night()
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Calle 998, Numero 50 El Calafate
Unique Luxury Patagonia offers the possibility to enjoy a magical destination in a natural environment which will heighten your senses.
from 204 € /Night()
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golf sport unique
Carretera Santa María, Km 1.2 Talayuela (Cáceres)
An example of modern architecture integrated with nature at the foot of Sierra de Gredos and surrounded by a golf camp designed by Severiano Ballesteros.
from 204 € /Night()
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