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Madalena Beautique Hotel
Rua da Madalena 271 Lisbon Portugal

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musts & facts
Located in one of the most central arteries of the Lisbon capital, whose name served as the main theme for the inspiration of the interior design project signed by Atelier Nini Andrade Silva, Madalena by The Beautique Hotels immersed itself in the idea of ​​projecting the Platonic Ideal in the beauty and in the balance of feminine forms. With attractive lines and in permanent allusion to this universe, the design is a classic populated with colors, textures and the refinement of beauty and seduction.
Services and Facilities
Keeping the focus on the strong and vibrant concept , all spaces in the hotel are delightfully fun and somewhat extravagant, with the feminine presence in every detail. The large skylight that appears in the restaurant area is one of the main elements of the design of this hotel, as it is a direct and provocative allusion to the universe of Women. Its design gives movement and fluidity to the space through a metallic mesh curtain that expands its delicate movements, giving continuity throughout the space. Equally noteworthy is the lamp which, through the fluidity of its shape, indicates the path to the large central area of the skylight.
Rua da Madalena 271
1100-320 - Lisbon - Portugal