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Montanyà Hotel & Lodge
Av del Montseny s/n Seva-Barcelona Spain

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musts & facts
In the most traditional mountain style, rustic rooms overlooking the forest and a cuisine based on the local fare of the region of Osona. A spot to get away from everything and forget about the day-to day routine. A spot to get away from everything and forget about the day-to day routine. A special place for meeting and events with function rooms and an auditorium where everything is infused with a natural environment.
Family room
Junior Suite
Services and Facilities
For its privileged location provides an infinity of activities suited to all tastes, both in the hotel and its surroundings. You can enjoy horse trekking, playing tennis or football, organising basketball games in the sports hall, spending time in the pool or even relaxing at the region’s largest Nature Spa.
Restaurant and Terrace
Different settings for different possibilities… from terraces in summer for select aperitifs to the mountain restaurant with its charcoal-grilled meats. A restaurant and terrace offering light and healthy dishes at midday and more elaborate and seasonal fare for evenings and weekends.
Spa Nature
You will make contact with the mountain via its water, aroma, herbs and pure air, and all that this can contribute to improving your health internally and externally.
Av del Montseny s/n
08553 - Seva-Barcelona - Spain