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Maramvellou & Idomeneos Str Heraklion-Crete Greece

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musts & facts
Olive Green is an intelligent, conscious, eco-friendly hotel, a prototype for citizens and travelers of the world. The name consists of two nodal words for the interpretation of its philosophy and personality that lies beyond. The Olive stands as a symbol of power, eternity, tranquility and prosperity. The color Green represents the ecological and contemporary character of the hotel.
OG Club
Abundant sunlight brightens the interior, while the terrace is fully furnished, with table, chairs and comfy sun loungers. High tech facilities add to the singular character of the suites, with a 49’’ TV and walk-in High pressure rain fall shower.
The room has a double bed and two extra sofa beds. It has large windows to enjoy the panoramic urban view.
Are modern in style and boast minimal décor with wide, vividly colored pictures of Crete. In each room, there is a walk-in high pressure rain fall shower and a 32’’ TV. High tech facilities allow you to explore Crete and provide great convenience.
Are more spacious than the Popular rooms, as they can accommodate up to 3 persons in a friendly and sophisticated setting. They include high tech facilities and a 42’’TV. The rooms boast a glass walk-in high pressure rain fall shower.
Services and Facilities
Olive Green ha sido diseñado con un concepto de lujo contemporáneo de alta tecnología, combinando las maravillas de la naturaleza y la tradición. Paneles solares, sistemas de gestión del agua, prácticas de construcción ecológica, uso de materiales respetuosos con el medio ambiente y compromiso son los pilares de la estrategia ambiental.
All Day Lounge & City Garden
Is where the heart of Heraklion beats - a place where you can lounge with friends or schedule business meetings or enjoying popular dishes from all over the world. Healthy dishes made of the finest ingredients of the Cretan land. Breakfast a la carte, brunch, lunch or dinner, the innumerable options will accompany you throughout the day. Surprise your palate and awaken your senses through the most refined tastes of the Mediterranean.
Liotrivi, breakfast area
Breakfast consists only of the finest ingredients, everything prepared with the use of olive oil. Handmade delicacies will make your day. A special touch every morning: olive oil degustation during breakfast time, where you can taste high quality varieties of extra virgin olive oil from Crete.
Maramvellou & Idomeneos Str
71202 - Heraklion-Crete - Greece